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The dog store is gone and is replaced with... an appliance store? Huh? At first I was like "A laundromat!" But at last, it's... an appliance store. Here we are at the end of the biggest glut of housing inventory ever, with more empty homes in the US than ever... and someone opens a small appliance store? Seems odd to me. Last I remember a few months ago the appliance manufacturers were having issues due to decreases in sales of appliances to fill all the new McMansions. Sales fell off as the get rich quick mania faded. I'm not sure if it's part of the store to the left of the space (dekor eklect?), if it is ... they were very snotty to a friend who was prepared to buy something from them, which is a story in itself.
Make Canon
Model Canon PowerShot SD550
DateTimeOriginal 2007:10:29 15:27:59
ApertureFNumber f/3.5
Ethan, Norfolk, telmnstr