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So my neighbor has an older, but not too old Volvo. He keeps it super clean, it makes me feel bad whenever I see my car dirty. Also, it is from the cool series of Volvos. I really liked the S70 when I bought my Accord, but the Accord was priced lower and had good resale value / reputation. His Volvo is a 960 or 940 (GLE IIRC). Square autos are far superior to any of this modern egg shaped things. Oddly, the pendulum has swung and square is coming back into style as far as new car shapes. None the less, this car is cool. Props to him for keeping it up. I definitely dig this series and the square S70/S80. There is actually an AWD model of the S70 or S80, but it is difficult to find and I've read about issues with changing the tires killing the AWD gearbox. AWD + Turbocharged = cool.
Make Canon
Model Canon PowerShot SD550
DateTimeOriginal 2007:09:13 08:33:40
ApertureFNumber f/3.5
757, 940, 960, Downtown, GLE, Norfolk, Volvo