Atari 1040ST Overhaul

MAGFest was donated an Atari 1040ST, and I decided to overhaul it to working condition. The Atari ST’s legacy is mostly in the music world, and I have some experience repairing mine.

First up power supply. Blown capacitor on it. Recapped the entire PSU with a kit from an online vendor. All is well.

Second up. She’s golden as movie theater popcorn. Retrobrite time:

Atari 1040ST retrobrite

Lastly, one of the spacebar stabilizers broke during the retrobrite process. I managed to CAD out a replacement in sketchup and printed it. I swear I searched thingiverse before making one but didn’t find one, but apparently I’m not the first. None the less I posted the file from mine on the site as well.

Atari 1040ST keyboard thing

Machine is working and made it to MAGFest 2020.

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